What should I expect from my initial consultation/treatment?

How many treatments will I need?

Do you take insurance?

I’m getting surgery soon. Should I come in before or after?

I’m sick on the day of my appointment…should I cancel my appointment?

Is there anything I should do before or after a treatment?


How can I get the most out of my treatments?

Is acupuncture safe?

Does it hurt?

How deep are the needles inserted?

Can I get acupuncture if I’m using another form of treatment?

Will I bleed?

How long do the needles stay in?


Why/when do I need a ‘maintenance’ treatment?

What is ear (auricular) acupuncture?

What is the smoking cessation/detoxification program?

Can I get acupuncture if nothing is “wrong” with me?

What is the training involved to become an acupuncturist?

I’ve had acupuncture in the past that didn’t work for me. Why should I try it again?

What is the most common condition you treat/people come seek out acupuncture?

How soon can I come in after a TBI / concussion?


I’m pregnant. Can I get acupuncture?

I am interested in labor induction. When should I come in?

How does acupuncture work for labor induction?

I have a breech baby. When can I come in and what should I expect?

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There are always those questions that are based on circumstance or sheer curiosity. Whatever is is, we would like to help you get more familiar with the process so that your first visit (or sequential experience) goes as well as possible. Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with who you receive treatment from; feel free to click the button below and submit a question, or call us today!

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